How to Make a Wedding Garland

For decorating church pews or reception hall, you might want to consider making garlands instead of flower arrangements.

Especially if you plan on a Winter Wedding.

You can visit your neighbors and explain what you would like to do for your wedding, and they will be happy to donate some of their greenery for the occasion.

Once you have their permission, help yourself to about twenty nice branches.

Snip the greenery to between 3 to 6 inches. Bunch several together in your hand and wrap with florist wire, leaving some wire hanging to tie to something. Add another clump of greenery, overlapping the first, and reinforce it with continuing the wire wrap.

Continue adding bunches of greenery, and wrapping with florist wire, until it has reached the desired length. Gently gather it up when finished, mist it with a water sprayer, and store in a plastic bag with holes punched in it.

You can make garlands a day or two in advance. Before the wedding, once the garland is in place, attach fresh flowers.