Rose Bouquet
Flower Bouquet Ideas

Here's some bouquet advice. If the bride is tall, she needs a cascading bouquet. If she is short, a smaller bouquet.

The bride can also carry a Bible or small prayerbook in place of a bouquet. Just place a flower on top, with some white satin ribbon streamers.

Bridesmaids bouquets should be smaller and more colorful then the bride and the Matron of Honor.

 Pink Rose Bouquet

Roses seem to be the most popular wedding bouquet whether white, yellow, pink or red.

Red Rose Bouquet

Wedding Flower Cascade Examples

-Small White Roses with Ivy... Small White Roses with Ivy
-A cascade of white and peach roses... white and peach roses
-A cascade of Orchids and Pearls... orchids and pearls
-White roses, Carnations and Eucaliptis...white roses, carnations and Eucaliptis
-A cascade of red roses... red roses cascade

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

-Mixed pink flowers... mixed pink flowers