White Daisy Wild Flowers Picture

Here's a picture of some wild white Daisy wildflowers.

Daisies have always been a favorite flower, but I didn't realize that they grow wild too.

The daisy has a reputation, not only for Doris Day's "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" song, but the daisy is the traditional flower used where you pull each petal off and say, "He loves me... He loves me not." : )

White Daisy Wild Flowers Picture

Wild White Daisies growing in a field. Do you like this picture? The problem I have with the picture is that top daisy is blurry. My eye seems to be attracted to it more than the perfection of the center flowers.

I should have either increased my F stop, or cropped the blurry flower out of the picture. I could have also moved that branch out of the way before taking the picture.